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Walk Out In The Water **NEW**                                         CD Only


1. He'll Carry You Through
2. Loose Him
3. Walk Out In The Water
4. Grace
5. Did I Mention
6. Out Cast
7. No Greater Love
8. Bedside Prayers
9. Work On The Ark
10. Land On Both Sides


Rich Man                                                                                CD Only

1. Nearing that Shore
2.The Things That Won't Get In
3. God Will Make A Way
4. Rich Man
5. Show Me The Way
6. Saving Grace
7. It's Gotta Be Love
8. Walking Down The Road
9. When Our Eyes Meet Again
10. Peace In The Valley

11. Homecoming Day


 Visions & Dreams                                                                   CD only

1. This Ship Was Made To Sail
2. I'll Be Waiting For You
3. Shekinah Glory
4. My Rock
5. Walk Through The Gate
6. Where I Want To Be
7. Talking About Heaven
8. Where Shall I Go
9. The Prophecy
10. By Your Fruits


 Can't Stay Here                                                          CD  only

1. All That I Need
In The Morning
I'll Go With You
You Don't Have To Go Home
God Knows All About Me
I Don't Regret A Mile/Eastern Gate
I Can't Stop Now
Hem Of His Garment
I Get A Little Touch Of Heaven


 Loose Him                                                                    CD only

1. It's Time To Cry
2. Your Cheating Heart
3. Another Day Of Life
4. Second Birth
5. So You Would Know
6. Address Unknown
7. Wish Upon A Star
8. Run On
9. Picking Up The Pieces
10. Sinless Sacrifice
11. Loose Him
12. Sinner Man

 Loose Him                                                                                              Video
                                          (Temporarily out of stock)

1. Second Birth
2. Sinless Sacrifice
3. Loose Him
4. Address Unknown
5. Red Red River
6. It's Time To Cry
7. Your Cheating Heart
8. Run On
9. He's My Hero
10. Home At Last
11. Beg Steal Or Borrow
12. Jesus Loves Me
13. Light At The End Of The Darkness
14. So You Would Know

 Live in Savannah                                                                            CD only

1. Dearest Friend
2. Thank You Lord
3. Accapella Medley I (Sinner Man)
4. He's My Hero
5. So Much To Thank Him For
6. I Just Wanted You to Know
7. I've Had A Birth
8. God's Coloring Book
9. Accapella Medley II (Cool Down On)
10. Beg Steal or Borrow




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